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Borgo di Salemi

From today it is possible to buy a property in the historic center and become the owners of a small slice of the village of Salemi starting with an investment of only € 1. The initiative is open to both public and private entities. Do you want to know how to do it?

The "1 euro home" initiative

It was born at the behest of the Salemi municipal administration which for years has started a path of urban regeneration and sustainable development, also in terms of tourism. The project was born from an intuition of the former mayor of the city, Vittorio Sgarbi and was taken up by the current administration led by the mayor Domenico Venuti, who in recent years has implemented an organic path of events and initiatives for the enhancement of the center of Salemi.

Why buy "1 euro home"?

The city is included in the prestigious list of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy and in the Network of Castles of Sicily, awards obtained for its historical and artistic heritage and for the beauty of its views. Salemi is a town of about 10,000 inhabitants distributed in three main areas: the historic center full of millenary architectural elements, the new city born at the end of the 70s and the hills on which marvelous villas stand. Located in a strategic position one hundred kilometers south-west of Palermo, it is the ideal place for those who intend to adopt an eco-sustainable lifestyle, away from the chaos of big cities and in an area rich in history and natural beauty like that of Sicily. western.

Houses of the Borgo

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The strategic position of Salemi

Salemi is located in a central and privileged position in Western Sicily, perfectly connected to the airports of Trapani and Palermo, less than 80 km from the historic center. Historically a crossroads of the main commercial streets, from Salemi it is possible to reach the coasts and the main seaside destinations in less than thirty minutes.

1.Palermo 2.Palermo Airport 3.Alcamo 4.Castellammare del Golfo 5.San Vito lo capo 6.Erice 7.Trapani 8.Trapani Airport 9.Marsala 10.Mazzara del Vallo 11.Selinunte 12.Castelvetrano 13.Gibellina Nuova 14.Agrigento

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