Discover Salemi

How is life in Salemi?

Salemi is a quiet town located in the heart of Western Sicily, historically with a peasant vocation, immersed in the greenery of vineyards, olive groves, and other typical crops of the local tradition. The historic center, once abandoned by commercial activities and citizens, in recent years has been experiencing a concentration of public and private interests; from nightlife to universities increasingly interested in local architecture or archaeological treasures, today there are always young people who live in the alleys of the village.


You are a digital nomad and you want to live in a country dimension with a healthy and slow lifestyle that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty around you and that you respect your rhythms? Salemi is the ideal place to work without the hustle and bustle of the city, giving yourself regenerating breaks.

Do you want to invest in a profitable business? Start your b & b in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Renovate a house in the historic center of Salemi and transform it into an accommodation facility in which to welcome tourists from all over the world and ready to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of our village

The strategic position of Salemi

Salemi is located in a central and privileged position in Western Sicily, perfectly connected to the airports of Trapani and Palermo, less than 80 km from the historic center. Historically a crossroads of the main commercial streets, from Salemi it is possible to reach the coasts and the main seaside destinations in less than thirty minutes.

1.Palermo 2.Palermo Airport 3.Alcamo 4.Castellammare del Golfo 5.San Vito lo capo 6.Erice 7.Trapani 8.Trapani Airport 9.Marsala 10.Mazzara del Vallo 11.Selinunte 12.Castelvetrano 13.Gibellina Nuova 14.Agrigento

What to visit in Salemi?

Museum Pole

  • Museo della mafia
  • Museo di Arte Sacra
  • Museo Archeologico
  • Museo dell’Unità d’Italia
  • Museo della Pietra Campanedda
  • Museo del Pane Rituale


  • Castello Normanno Svevo
  • Ex Chiesa Madre
  • Teatro di Venezia
  • Villaggio di Mokarta
  • Basilica Paleocristiana di San Miceli


  • Chiesa Madre
  • San Clemente
  • San Biagio
  • San Bartolomeo
  • Sant'Anna
  • San Giuseppe


  • Notte romantica dei borghi
  • Sagra della busiata
  • Welcome back Tony Scott, festival del jazz
  • CineKim, festival del cinema indipendente
  • Carminalia
  • Saliber Fest
  • Festa di San Giuseppe
  • Motocavalcata Garibaldina
  • Beer Fest

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